CreditPass is a third party Fraud Detection provider that can be accessed via the Ingenico ePayments Platform.

Its system provides access to several credit information agencies/bureaus in Germany, to check credit-worthiness and account, personal and address details, etc.

The merchant can have several checks performed, based on specific criteria configured in his creditPass account.

Not all checks available at creditPass can be performed via the Ingenico ePayments integration. It is only possible to run checks which are performed online.

Ingenico ePayments only acts as a technical gateway by forwarding data to creditPass in order to have it checked, and by returning the result of the check performed by creditPass to the Merchant. Ingenico ePayments cannot be held liable for the result of the check performed by creditPass.

In order to use creditPass via Ingenico ePayments, you need to have the ELV payment method configured. The configuration cannot be done by yourself. We invite you to contact notre service clientèle in order to configure your account.