On 23rd June 2016, a majority of citizens in the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. This has created uncertainties for not only UK citizens but all countries and business partners involved.

We are aware that many of our merchants are worried about the possible implications of Brexit on their business.Ingenico is happy to announce that you are fully covered. As a leader in the payment industry, we have taken the necessary steps to secure both our and your transaction business after Brexit day (31st January 2020).

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has granted a Temporary Permission regime (TPR) on 14 February 2019 to all Ingenico payment service providers operating in the UK. This means that Ingenico is fully authorized to continue processing funds for merchants active in the UK after Brexit day. During the transitory period, we will keep close contact with FCA to ensure that this status will continue after the end of the transitory period.

We will regularly update this page to ensure that our merchants are supported and provided with the latest information on the situation.