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November 2020 Release
September 2020 Release
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Januar 2020 Release

January 2021 Release (04.142)

TEST: 20 January 2021 | PROD: 2 February 2021

Integration Payment Methods


Payment methods Monizze and Sodexo are now available for our Hosted Payment Page.

Check out our Limonetik guide how to use them.

Interface Plugins


We are proud to offer you new versions of our Magento2 (v2.5.1) and Prestashop (v3.0.0) plugins with many new fixes and features.

Check out our Magento2 / Prestashop guide to get them.

Integration Interface


MyPerformance now supports the UK, Swizerland and the Nordics markets. We have added 2 new filters (CURRENCY & TIME ZONE). Those filters can also be configured by default. Learn all about in this chapter.

Interface API


3DSv2 feedback parameter CH_AUTHENTICATION_INFO is now available. Check out our Hosted Payment Page and DirectLink guides to learn more.

November 2020 Release (04.141)

TEST: 4 November 2020 | PROD: 3 December 2020

PaymentMethods Payment methods


You may from now on use the Carte Printemps/Printania+ through eCommerce integration. Please note that both new and previous generation, including a mandatory Expiry Date are now usable.


Klarna payment method is now allowing you to perform maintenance operations like capture, refunds and cancel on your processed Klarna transactions. For more information, please visit our dedicated guide.

September 2020 Release (04.140)

TEST: 9 September 2020 | PROD: 23 September 2020

Integration Interface


To enhance the security of your payments, the SHA passphrases and API password will not be automatically copied when you transfer a PSPID from the TEST to the LIVE environment.

If you create a new PSPID by such a transfer, make sure to re-enter these values in the Back Office:

SHA passphrases

  • Configuration > Technical information > Data and origin verification > Checks for e-Commerce & Alias Gateway > SHA-IN pass phrase
  • Configuration > Technical information > Data and origin verification > Checks for DirectLink and Batch (Automatic) > SHA-IN pass phrase
  • Configuration > Technical information > Transaction feedback > Security for request parameters > SHA-OUT pass phrase

API password

  • Configuration > Users > Change password

Integration Integration


Our platform allows to resubmit declined transactions due to missing 3-D Secure authentication.

Check out here how you can offer this Soft Decline feature to your customers.

Interface Integration


Starting from 25 August 2020, Google will be releasing a new version of Google Chrome (v.85), impacting the way referrers are handled on Chrome.

To prevent data privacy leaks that may be accessible from other parts of the full URL such as the path and query string, only the main domain name (e.g is sent in the ‘Referer header’ of cross-origin requests.

To ensure business continuity of your web shop for customers using Chrome (v.85), as from 25 August we are pro-actively adapting the way our gateway is authenticating referrers to only validate the transaction request against to domain name (e.g instead of the complete page url (e.g that you may have configured.

All new future integrations should not perform any data and origin check via referrer and only privilege the SHA. Find more information in our dedicated FAQ.

July 2020 Release (04.139)

TEST: 1 July 2020 | PROD: 23 July 2020

PaymentMethods Payment methods


Limonetik payment methods BanqueCasino3XCB and 4XCB are now available for our Hosted Payment Page.

Learn more in our documentation about BanqueCasino3XCB and 4XCB.


Payment method PostFinance allows now partial maintenance operations, including multiple partial authorization, capture and refund.

Learn here how to do it.

PaymentMethods Payment methods


Payment method Carte Bancaire (CB) becomes a true Payment Method following the implementation of the European Regulation 2015/751.

Check out what you have to do for your eCommerce or DirectLink integration to comply to this rule.

Integration Integration


New Strong Customer Authentication parameters are available for MasterCard transactions. This “MasterCard 2.1+” feature will maximize the chance of a frictionless flow and lead to higher approval rates.

Check out here for eCommerce and here for DirectLink how to implement it.

May 2020 Release (04.138)

TEST: 6 May 2020 | PROD: 20 May 2020

ShoppingCarts Plugins (Magento2 and Prestashop)

We are proud to offer you new plugins (v2.0.0) for Magento2 and Prestashop with new features and fixes.


Payment method Open Invoice (via acquirers Klarna and Afterpay) added. PHP 7.3 compatibility.


Alias creation and update are processed correctly when explicit instructions are sent to our platform (ALIASOPERATION=BYSPID) to check for existing Aliases. Please check our Alias manager documentation (chapter "Optimised Alias manager") for details.

The postsale URL for receiving transaction feedback has been corrected to "YOUR_DOMAIN/module/ingenico_epayments/webhook". If you are using the new plugin, be sure to change it in your Ingenico Back office in Configuration > Account > Technical information > Transaction feedback > Direct HTTP server-to-server request.

March 2020 Release (04. 137)

TEST: 11 March 2020 | PROD: 20 May 2020 

Integration Integration


 The modalities of using parameter ALIASOPERATION have changed.

Before that, sending ALIASOPERATION=BYPSP could be used to prevent creating a new Alias if a card and / or Alias sent with a new transaction is already stored in our system. Due to PSD2-related regulations, this is no longer possible. As a consequence, the aforementioned scenario will result in the creation of multiple Aliases for the same card / customer.

Please check our Alias Manager documentation chapter 4.2 to get a detailled overview on the different scenarios and their outcome.

Interface Interface


In our January release we introduced a new safety function: Any user that has not logged on to our platform for more than 60 days will be put into status "inactive".

To further enhance this security feature, we have extended it to users that have never logged on. A user that has been created at any point in the past and has never logged on will also be deactivated after 60 days.

Please check our original release note via Support > Platform Releases > Release 04.136 for detailed information and how to reactivate inactive users.

January 2020 Release (04. 136)

TEST: 16 January 2020 | PROD: 29 January 2020 

Integration Integration


To enhance your customer's experience during the payment process, we implemented improvements on our Responsive payment page template.

  • All payment methods on the payment method selection screen can now be selected by clicking on the respective icons
  • The generic credit card icon in the card number field has been removed