The Alias Manager offers features for recurrent invoicing (payment for periodically invoiced services), and other specific applications with card number or account number aliases (e.g. storage of customer profiles on your website).

An alias is an identifier for a customer and his card or account information, which can be used to request future payments. Every alias is bound to a single merchant and cannot be used by a third party.

With the Alias Manager for recurrent invoicing, if you use Batch, DirectLink and/or e-Terminal you do not have to store their customers' financial details after the initial payment. If you use e-Commerce, you never have to come in contact with or store the customer’s financial details. This reduces risks and investments related to the safe storage of customers’ financial information. The Alias Manager allows the deployment of a secure recurrent invoicing system without the need to make your system PCI compliant.

Even when the Alias Manager is active in your account, you can still perform transactions without specifying an Alias.

When you work in e-Commerce mode, we inform the customer that we will store his financial profile. However, given that our system complies with privacy legislation, a card holder may prohibit us from storing his financial profile. In this case, if the creation of an Alias is crucial, the merchant can decide to prevent the transaction from proceeding.

This restriction does not apply to the other modes where you yourself capture the financial information from the card holder.

This document describes the implementation of the "Alias Manager option" into your e-Commerce / DirectLink / Batch integration, as well as the combination with e-Terminal . This option guide should be read in conjunction with the e-commerce / DirectLink / Batch / e-Terminal integration/user documentation.