3D Secure (also referred to as 3D secure authentication or 3DS) is a popular fraud prevention measure to secure card payments by adding an authentication process before making purchases online. Ideally, all transactions should be protected by 3DS and everyone is encouraged to activate and use it whenever possible. However, we also understand that at this stage, 3DS causes problems in some countries and regions, in certain situations. This reality causes many honest and valid transactions from successfully completing.

To avoid inconveniencing most of their customers, some merchants use 3DS in combination with alternative anti-fraud measures. They might, in some situations, only activate 3DS only when there is reason for concern that a particular transaction is risky.

With Selective use of 3-D Secure, Ingenico ePayments makes it possible for you to combine 3DS with other anti-fraud measures. This gives you the option for example, of activating 3DS only when a particular transaction is considered risky by another anti-fraud measure like the Fraud Expert Scoring or Merchant Rules that you can set up to identify suspicious transactions.