1. Introduction

As a dedicated Shopify partner, Ingenico offers you an ideal shopping cart solution: No need to bother with technical challenges, but focus on the essentials to make your business thrive!

All you need is a production account on our platform and a Shopify account! Get in touch with us and start your online business in no time!

2. Create Ingenico account

To process transaction on our platform with your plugin, you need an account on our platform.

Before you process live transactions, feel free to use our test environment to learn more about our solution without costs or any commitments involved! Shopify will also work with our test environment, so this is a great way to get familiar with both the plugin and our platform. Once you want to go live, check out here how to get a production account or contact us!

To use this plugin, the following options need to be active in your account:   
  • DQY (DirectLink (Query) 
  • DMT (DirectLink (maintenance) 

Please check this in your Back Office via Configuration > Account > Your options >Available options or Default Options. 

In case one of the options is not available in your PSPID, please contact us. 

3. Install plugin

  1. Go to our Shopify portal to create an account.
  2. Enter your store name and click Install.


3. Click Install unlisted app. The installation is executed automatically. Once done, you need to finalise the installation by entering some data in the Shopify Back Office. Check out the next chapter how to do it.


4. Configure plugin

Login to your Shopify account. Go to Apps > Ingenico ePayments Gateway > Settings. Fill in the following fields. The table below explains where you find the respective data in your Ingenico Back Office


Field name Possible actions

For TEST transactions with no financial impact, select TEST. The transactions will be sent to our test environment and thereby to

your test account

For LIVE transactions with financial impact, select “Production”. The transactions will be sent to our live environment thereby to

your live account.

Make sure to switch to LIVE as soon as you have finalised your tests.


The name of your account on our platform.

Please be aware that you might have different names for your account in our test / live environment.

Make sure to enter the name of the account of the respective environment you have configured in the “Environment” field

Title Define a title that appears on our Hosted Payment Page
Language The language used to present our Hosted Payment Page to you customers

Define whether to process the transactions as authorisations or as direct sale only

-          Authorisation: the amount is only blocked on your customer's card. Successful transactions will have status 5

-          Direct Sale: the amount has been ordered to be paid out in one go. Successful transactions will have status 9

If you authorise payments only, make sure that you capture them later. Only then the transaction will reach status 9, for which you receive the payment for the transaction. Please check our dedicate guide on how to do this


The passphrase to ensure that requests sent to our platform are legitimate orders from your shop.

This is a standard check we perform before we redirect your customers to our Hosted Payment Page.

 Check this chapter in our documentation if you want to learn more.

You need to configure the exact same value in both your Shopify account and your Ingenico Back Office

(“Configuration > Technical information > Data and origin verification > Checks for e-Commerce & Alias Gateway> SHA-IN pass phrase”)


The passphrase to ensure that transaction feedback sent to your shop is legitimately sent from our platform. Your web shop will perform an automatic check each time we provide feedback on the outcome of the transactions.

Check this chapter in our documentation if you want to learn more.


You need to configure the exact same value in both your Shopify account and your Ingenico Back Office

(“Configuration > Technical information > Transaction feedback > All transaction submission modes > Security for request parameters”)

API user

The name of a technical user profile that is needed for performing maintenance operations (ie refunds) on your transactions.

You can find this user in your Ingenico Back Office via Configuration > Users

You need to configure the exact same value in both your Shopify account and your Ingenico Back Office. Learn here how to create your API user.


The password assigned to the API user.

You can define the password of the user in your Ingenico Back Office via Configuration > Users

You need to configure the exact same value in both your Shopify account and your Ingenico Back Office. Learn here how to create your API user.

Our plugin .4.x is compatible with Multi-Store set-up. If you are using more than one store, the plugin will take care automatically to update the transaction status in the correct one.

To learn to which of your stores a transaction is saved, the plugin passes the shop’s primary domain (i.e. “ingenico-ogone-4-0.myshopify.com”) in the field “Description”. You can find this field for each transaction in Operations > View Transactions in the transaction overview:


5. Select payment methods

Finally, you need to add the payment methods you want to offer to your customers. To do so,
follow these steps:

1. Login to the Ingenico Back Office. Check via Configuration > Payment methods for active payment methods. You can add all those to your Shopify account via the next steps.Shopify--configurePaymentMethodBO

2. Login to your Shopify account. Go to Apps > Ingenico app > Install Gateway. Click Install for each payment method you would like to offer to your customers. Then click Install payment provider.

configure payment method 2

3. Enter your Shopify ID and the SHA sign. Check out chapter Configure Plugin where to find the SHA sign in our Ingenico Back Office. Click Save.

4. Repeat these steps for any payment method that is active in your Ingenico Back Office

6. Customise your payment page

Make sure your customers go all the way through the payment stage thanks to a customised payment page. Learn how to do it here for the Hosted Payment Page.

7. Upgrade Plugin to use payment button

If you are already using our plugin version 3 (called “Ingenico ePayments Gateway"), you might be interested in upgrading it to our latest version 4 (“Ingenico Pay Buttons”).

The standard checkout process requires your customers to choose their payment method on our Hosted Payment Page. Our plugin version 4 contains a feature that allows your customers to make their choice of payment in your webshop already! Using this upgrade will make your customer’s payment experience even more seamless!

Just follow these steps to perform the upgrade

1. Go to the Shopify installation portal. Enter your shop name and click Install. The installation is executed automatically.Shopify--Enter_your_store_name

2. Login to your Shopify account. Go to Apps. Click Ingenico Pay Buttons Settings.Shopify-UpgradeToPaymentButton

3. Click Install Gateway. Click Install for the payment method you want to use this feature for. If the payment method has not been added before, follow the steps as described in chapter Select payment methods.Shopify-ConfigurePaymentMethod

4. Once you have installed all your payment methods, go to Apps > Configuration. Make sure that the following settings are still aligned with your Ingenico Back Office The screenshots in the menu itself will tell you where to find them in the Ingenico Back Office.

5. Go to Apps. Remove the old app, Ingenico ePayments GatewayShopify--upgradePluginToUsePaymentButton4

Now you are all set! If need help with the upgrade, our support team will be glad to help!