This document will outline the Ingenico ePayments Dispute Management process and aims to provide clarity with regards to the terminology, procedures and several important Dispute Management features.

Accepting credit card transactions in any environment carries inherent risks such as the risk of chargebacks. Especially when processing in a Card Not Present (CNP) environment, the risk of chargebacks are ever present.

Merchants of Ingenico ePayments process in a CNP environment and are confronted with chargebacks and retrieval requests on a regular basis. Due to the nature of the CNP environment the cardholder is well protected by the Card Scheme[1] regulations and the burden of proof is always placed on the Merchant.

Ingenico ePayments, as a Payment Service Provider is obliged to follow the rules and regulations of the banks and Card Schemes and always acts accordingly. This means that if a chargeback is reported it is always the Merchant that must prove that the chargeback is not valid. In order to best help Merchants accomplish this, this guide has been created.

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[1] A Card Scheme is a credit card company